General Information

?Who are we

In the midst of orange groves planted by early settlers and adjacent to an orange packing plant from the time of the Turkish rule in Israel, 'Shvil Hatapuzim' was born in 1997.

Borrowing from Nahum Gutman’s style and book 'Shvil Klipot Hatapuzim' the founders created a park born out of love for nature and children. The activities and attractions of the park have been hand-crafted by the builders with special attention to preserving the park’s natural beauty and its environment.

'Shvil Hatapuzim' is an ongoing project, constantly evolving creatively. We invite you to enjoy this adventure where the principle of respect for nature and for the people within it dominates.


?Where are we

The park is situated half way between Haifa and Tel-Aviv, near Kibbutz Gan Shmuel and 5 kilometers east of the Caesaria interchange on Route #2. 

Opening hours

Shvil Hatapuzim is open to the public Saturdays, holidays, and most of school vacations, from 10:00 to 17:00.

On Pessover we will be open from Tuesday till Monday; 10:00-17:00 (on Friday and Sunday we'll close at 16:00)

On July the park will be open only on Saturdays.

On August we'll be open every day from 10:00 to 17:00 (10:00-16:00 on Fridays).


Discounted tickets can be purchased through the major customer clubs.

(10% discount when purchasing on line through our website).

Our activities


Battery Operated Vehicles: Various kinds for almost every age, driving on an asphalt road winding through the orange trees.

Orange Picking:  From November through April. Take the whole family on a guided excursion and eat as much as you want along the way. You can also pick and take home at reduced prices.

Giant Snail: 4 meter high netted tunnel.

Owls’ Course:  Rope course for brave kids over 7, various obstacles above the trees (Shoes or sandals required).

Owls’ Castle: 3 stories of climbing and swinging on ropes and ladders to get to the nest at the very top.

Mini-Golf:  Nine original holes of a long-time family favorite.

Mini-minor Roller Coasters:  Thrills for tots and up to teens.

Tree Houses: Connected to one another by ropes, bridges, a slide and even a telephone.

Riddie tent: Thinking games/pazzels for the whole family 

The Ta’alool:  Kayaks and pedal boats in our winding river.  Open frome April to November (Depending on the weather). 

Yellow Submarine:  Crawling, climbing, swinging and sliding – all on one colorful attraction. +4 

Myamba:  Water, water everywhere – Shooting, jumping, splashing from bottom to top. Open from June to October (Depending on the weather).

Tarzan:  The first time is scary but after that it’s only fast and fun! +7

Ninja course: Let’s get physical! Obstacle course, ninja warrior style, one for adults and one for kids (Shoes or sandals required). +7

Zipline:  Not very high and not very long, one which is perfect for the youngsters. +3

Big Climbing Tower: Climbing through special nets up to 3 stores high and slide down slowly. +5

Small Climbing Tower: Much like the big one, only smaller. +3

The Schtutzer: A water amusement area from the world of agriculture. Open from June to October (Depending on the weather).


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